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Misson Statement:
To represent the Ohio adult care facilities industry.
To continue to improve the quality of service and care.
To provide training, technology and advocacy for this purpose.
Regional Contacts:
Addie Whaley
(216) 322-1641
Fraz Betz
(419) 344-6512
Mark Mayle
(330) 863-2980
Terry Russell
(614) 562-5102
Dayton Area:
Marty Falin
(937) 478-8737
Cincinnati Area:
Darryl Lumpkins
(513) 260-5151
Youngstown Area:
Mark Zidian
(330) 565-3832

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Success Stories - Chad

3Times where good to me, from 1975-1992 or 93 untill I got
in trouble at a job setting it on fire and pretending I had nothing
to do with it. Their to old of a cat to be fooled by a kitten. I
lost my job and instead of jail, it was a trip to the mental hospital.
I didn’t realize that until later on in my visit, they gave me a
diagnosis of borderline skizoefective sort of like bipolar. This
was all new to me, but that’s what they said!

As the years gone by and being medicated, I was stable, till I got tired of all the rules, and decided to leave my mom’s house, leaving my poor grandpa their by himself. It was on the same day my younger sister had her first baby, a healthy little boy named Niculus. I ended up at an old high school buddys apartment to live.

Lots went on. Things didn’t work out, I got the hell out, back to moms – for a little bit, until I decided to move myself with no money just clothes, to join the camunity in bowling green university – just to stay at a friends house for free as long as I could find a job, which never happened, though I did try!

All I had to eat was a poptart or someone’s sandwich every day. Not cool. But I did not seem to mind it, couse I was free from strict rules so I actually loved it. Well I lived like this for almost 3 weeks, till a buddy found a way to contact my folks. They came down and took me home. They put me in a hospital for help, but wasn’t welcomed home. They wanted me somewhere else so after I was discharged, my dad and I went looking for a good group home. Finaly after looking at a few homes I stumbled upon a good home ran by a sweat lady named Fraz Betts and her husband Johnny. We made a deal, and moved in a week later. That was back in 2003.

It’s 2010 and I still live hear happy as can be with part of the freedom I was looking for. It’s been a good 7 years, hopeing for many more. It’s been a good, ruff, good life so far. It gets better every day.

I want to thank my parents, Fraz and Johnny and NAMIE for all the love, saport, friendship, and parating my parents and Fraz gave to me! With hope’s and dreams hopefully this is an influencial story for those struggling with LIFE ITSELF. My name is Chad R. Jones. Good luck with everybody in this world! Most of all thank God for everything!

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They receive the care and environment they deserve to maintain a healthy life.
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