Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association
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Misson Statement:
To represent the Ohio adult care facilities industry.
To continue to improve the quality of service and care.
To provide training, technology and advocacy for this purpose.
Regional Contacts:
Addie Whaley
(216) 322-1641
Fraz Betz
(419) 344-6512
Mark Mayle
(330) 863-2980
Terry Russell
(614) 562-5102
Dayton Area:
Marty Falin
(937) 478-8737
Cincinnati Area:
Darryl Lumpkins
(513) 260-5151
Youngstown Area:
Mark Zidian
(330) 565-3832

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If we are to make a significant impact with our legislators and with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, we must represent as many adult care facilities as possible.  It is our goal to increase the funds available to adult care facilities to enhance the quality of care provided.

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Why Join?
  1. The OACFA is repairing the negative image of the ACF industry
  2. We are advocating for additional resources that will enable you to provide enhanced quality of care
  3. We offer training that meets your licensure requirements
  4. We can intervene and mediate when conflicts occur at the local and state level
  5. We can help build new partnerships between your home and Ohio’s community MH system
  6. We can help find resources for capital improvements
  7. But most importantly we have become a trade association that gives you a voice that has been silent for too long!


Complete the application form and join OACFA today!

You can join our organization by printing the membership application form and sending it to
OACFA, P.O. Box 133, West Jefferson, Ohio 43162. 

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decision-making process of OACFA.
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They receive the care and environment they deserve to maintain a healthy life.
Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association Incorporated   •  P O Box 133, West Jefferson, OH 43162  •  (614) 800-7863