Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association
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Misson Statement:
To represent the Ohio adult care facilities industry.
To continue to improve the quality of service and care.
To provide training, technology and advocacy for this purpose.
Regional Contacts:
Addie Whaley
(216) 322-1641
Fraz Betz
(419) 344-6512
Mark Mayle
(330) 863-2980
Terry Russell
(614) 562-5102
Dayton Area:
Marty Falin
(937) 478-8737
Cincinnati Area:
Darryl Lumpkins
(513) 260-5151
Youngstown Area:
Mark Zidian
(330) 565-3832

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Contact Information

For information regarding The Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association
please contact:
P.O. Box 133
West Jefferson, Ohio 43162

(614) 800-7863 or (614) 224-2700

If you are looking for a home for a loved one or are an ACF operator
contact the following people.
In the Cleveland and surrounding communities:
Addie Whaley(216) 322-1641brandy9501@aol.com
In the Toledo area:
Fraz Betts(419) 344-6512bobetts@sbcglobal.net
In the Canton/Steubenville area:
Mark Mayle(330) 863-2980mmayle5@neo.rr.com
In the Columbus area:
Terry Russell(614) 562-5102oacfa@yahoo.com
In the Dayton area:
Marty Falin(937) 478-8737martyfalin@aol.com
In the Cincinnati area:
Darryl Lumpkins(513) 260-51514lump2@fuse.net
In the NE Ohio/Youngstown area:
Mark Zidian(330) 565-3832

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decision-making process of OACFA.
guyRequired Training opporunities available.
homelessHelp enhance the life of someone in need today.
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friend“We’re a Friend”
They think of us as their family. Someone that understands their needs. Someone to talk to.
group“We’re a Helping Hand”
They look to us for guidance
to get the health and life-saving services they need.
meals“We’re Caring”
They receive the care and environment they deserve to maintain a healthy life.
Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association Incorporated   •  P O Box 133, West Jefferson, OH 43162  •  (614) 800-7863