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Misson Statement:
To represent the Ohio adult care facilities industry.
To continue to improve the quality of service and care.
To provide training, technology and advocacy for this purpose.
Regional Contacts:
Addie Whaley
(216) 322-1641
Fraz Betz
(419) 344-6512
Mark Mayle
(330) 863-2980
Terry Russell
(614) 562-5102
Dayton Area:
Marty Falin
(937) 478-8737
Cincinnati Area:
Darryl Lumpkins
(513) 260-5151
Youngstown Area:
Mark Zidian
(330) 565-3832

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About Us

Due to the closing of ten of Ohio’s psychiatric hospitals, approximately 20 years ago, there was a need for structured housing for Ohio’s severely mentally disabled. Adult care homes were established as primary private businesses or were part of a faith-based mission to serve these citizens - most have been rejected by their families. Some were inappropriately placed in nursing homes - which were not equipped to handle their mental health needs. These adult care facilities provided a family atmosphere needed in their recovery process. We advocate for the general well being and the enhancement of these adult care facilities and promote appropriate treatment for their residents (both men and women of all races).

  1. To advocate for the general well-being and the enhancement of adult care facilities;
  2. To advocate for the continuing availability of adult care facilities in all Ohio Counties;
  3. To provide training to member-operators and enhance the effectiveness of their adult care facilities;
  4. To assure appropriate treatment for Ohioans living within adult care facilities;
  5. To foster and develop public education to work toward the expansion of adult care facilities throughout Ohio, as viable providers of meaningful housing services to the severely mentally disabled;
  6. To advocate for the inclusion of adult care facility operators in the decision-making process with Policy-makers, as it relates to housing for this disabled population;
  7. To advocate for the adult care facility provider to participate in decisions concerning the care and treatment of individuals residing in their homes;
  8. To promote new legislation and/or revision of existing legislation at the state level of government;
  9. To coordinate activities of the OACFA affiliates and serve as the state organization in cooperation with regional adult care facility supports groups; and
  10. To solicit, receive and expend funds to manage, hire staff & personnel for the accomplishment of the above goals.



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